How He Proposed!

This post has taken me quite some time to write. Mostly because ever since we got back from our mini-proposal vacation it has been non-stop working and the other part of me wanted to savor our little memory forever. But the day has come and so has the blog post, and I finally had some time to sit down and write out the detailed version of How He Proposed!

So rewind to the first weekend in October, Andrew and I were going to visit my dad in Shelby, N.C. for the annual fair, in my mind it was just going to be a weekend trip, and then we would come back to Florida, but little did I know Andrew had made other plans.

For months, he has asked me how long a manicure would last (weird), what the weather would be like in NC, and how much I was going to pack, and he would even suggest sharing a suitcase and packing extra clothes just in case the weather got really cold (all of which I thought was weird because he always tried to get me to pack LESS, and he has never asked me about manicures before haha but I didn’t think too much in to it at this point).

Side-note: I always told Andrew that when he proposed I  had 2 stipulations: 1. My nails HAD to be done and 2. I wanted someone to be taking pictures or a video so we could have the memories.

Then as the weekend before the fair approached Andrew started to suggest I pack more clothes, just incase we “wanted to change outfits”, etc. The funny thing is, this whole time I thought Andrew planned on proposing at the fair, because he knew it was my favorite place and favorite time of the year, so this “extra clothes” things was really strange to me.

Finally, I started to get worried, I tend to freak out when I’m not in control so I started to ask waaaaay too many questions, and I could see Andrew was trying to flee from every question with a vague answer. So after my relentless pestering, I forced Andrew to spill the beans that we were not only going to NC but after the weekend at the fair Andrew had planned for us to go up to Ohio to visit his family. Andrew had contacted my boss and requested the entire week off for me so that I could go with him to visit his family ( my heart literally melted). Soooooo long story short, I ruined the surprise of going to Ohio for a week but I had no idea that that was not my last surprise. So Andrew said we were going to Ohio to visit family because we wouldn’t be able to during the holiday, and that was the last I thought about that.

Fast forward to the end of our trip in NC, Andrew had still not proposed and at this point, I was REALLY confused and thought maybe I was jumping the gun on his proposal plans.

So we made it to Ohio and continued on with our week of visiting his family and friends. Then Tuesday night comes and we are at Andrew’s dad’s house and they were fixing his car and I was inside talking on the phone to our friend Jamie about a photoshoot I was doing with her on Wednesday and I asked Andrew,

“What are we doing tomorrow”

To which he replies

“We don’t have anything to do tomorrow but the prop….” and then he stops, mid-sentence, mid-word, and his face gets so red, ” I mean photoshoot, the photoshoot, I’m not proposing to you tomorrow, I just said proposal because I can’t wait to marry you one day. but I’m NOT proposing to you tomorrow.”

At this point I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at how aggressively he was telling me that he was NOT proposing to me that he kept trying to ask me a million questions to deflect our conversation about proposing, all while reminding me that he wasn’t going to do it on this trip because the “timing wasn’t right”. Poor guy was trying so hard to throw me off by telling me he wanted our engagement photos/proposal on a beach (knowing I wanted very rustic and woodsy photos, but that’s beside the point).

So, Wednesday comes and Andrew seemed nervous all day, being with him for over 2 years I can tell when he’s getting nervous or when he is anxious about something and he had that vibe all day long. So finally around 4 or so Jamie picks me up for our photo shoot and we head to a local park, where Andrew and his friend Calvin would meet up with us later.

As we are taking photos the sun is setting and Jamie is getting frantic at where Andrew was, which I didn’t understand (because at this point we were leaving the next morning and I had decided that I wasn’t getting proposed to and accepted the fact). Finally, Andrew and Calvin show up and Jamie tries to get Andrew to take some photos with me but he refuses, so I def didn’t think the proposal was happening.

But then Jamie says “okay Gab this is your last photo, where do you want to take it?”

So I chose so a field near some wildflowers and Andrew finally got in the shot, and so did Calvin…. which was really weird to me at the time, and before I know it Andrew starts to kiss me, and then I feel his body turn, I see Calvin step out of frame and then Andrew is down on one knee, PROPOSING!!!

Later I found out that the ring was in Calvin’s pocket and he needed to get it from him without me knowing so when we were taking a group shot and Andrew was kissing me, he was reaching into Calvin’s pocket for the ring!

So after the proposal, Jamie got some engagement shots for us and the whole week of worrying and confusion led me to be a FIANCE! And not only did I learn that my need to control everything/ ask too many questions can really be a drag, but that no matter what I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!

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