6 Tips to Practicing Self-Love

The past week has been rough, just emotionally and physically and it’s taken me some time (and a little help from my fiancé, family and best friend) to realize that self love and learning to take time for myself and what makes ME happy is the most important thing that I can, not only offer myself, but those around me.

Making sure we give ourselves time for self love and time for ourselves in general the more we are able to positively impact those around us.

A lot of times society deems it “selfish” for us, men and women, to take time for US, to take the time to pamper ourselves or take time to do what makes US happy. It’s really insane that spending time and money on OURSELVES is deemed greedy, when learning to love ourselves and give ourselves the same love we give others is the KEY to success.

I write this is because this last week I really forgot how to love myself. I wasn’t taking time to do the things I love, I wasn’t taking time to love myself and I wasn’t taking time to treat myself.

SO, I decided to come up with a list of things that you can do (or that I do) to help re-center yourself, take time to relax and remember who YOU are so that you can best serve and influence those around you.

1. It’s okay to say “NO”

For so long I figured that saying “yes” to every favor and everyone meant that I was making others happy and that I was being the best person I could be. But in reality by saying “yes” to everyone else I wasn’t listening to myself and my body when it was screaming for a break. So don’t feel bad if you have to tell a friend or a co-worker “no” when they ask a favor, if you feel like you’re saying “yes” just to please someone, chances are you’re hurting yourself more.

2. Take a spa day

In my opinion there is nothing a good pedicure and manicure can’t cure. When I’m feeling run down, physically, and feel gross and unraveled, a pedicure/manicure literally turns me into a new woman! And if you can’t justify spending money at a salon, at home spas are just as effective! A bath bomb and some new nail polish works just as well!

3. Pizza is a good group

Ordering a pizza, getting your wine of choice (or LaCroix flavor of the week) and just watching Netflix and eating your weight (or just a box) in pizza is totally okay for a night. And I get some people don’t like pizza (which I’m hoping is no one but it’s okay to be wrong) whatever your vice is, indulge in it and don’t feel guilty! Trust me it doesn’t taste as good when you put yourself up against guilt.

4. Find time for the things you love.

Life gets really busy and sometimes we forget what makes us alive, or what makes us motivated and excited. When you’re feeling out of whack really dig down into the roots of what brings you joy. For me that’s reading, creating art and music and so when I find myself really down I try to get a new book, or take up a craft (key word try, because I’m my own worst enemy, y’all) and really reconnect and relax in that.

5. Move your body

Now as much as I would love to say that I LOVE working out, it’s honestly not at the top of my favorite things to do list (most of the time).I love the way it makes me feel after and while working out and I love the confidence I gain. But 99% of the time simply starting the workout is the hardest part. It’s hard, finding time is hard and committing to working out is hard but it’s worth it. When I workout or just get outside and go for a walk, I instantly notice a difference in my mood and my outlook. My mood changes and my body thanks me for it. So, although working out may be the last on your to-do list, trying making time for it. It works more wonders than we know!

6. Cut yourself some slack.

I used to get so bent out of shape when I would break down or I would stress out, or have an anxiety attack and sometimes I still do, but I learned that it is OKAY! It’s okay to need a mental health day, it’s okay to break down and cry it out, it’s okay to be filled with emotion and stress, and it’s okay to not be okay. But what is NOT okay is tearing yourself up over not being able to “hold it together” 24/7, because honestly it’s just not possible. SO, when you have a breakdown or you feel overwhelmed or you’re crying because your week is just really awful, cut yourself some slack, LOVE yourself enough to know that we’re are only human and we can only do so much.

With that being said,

No one benefits if you’re not 100%, and some days we can’t give it 100%, but we can try and we can acknowledge when we need some time to practice self love. I’m 22, and I am no where near being the master of self love, but I love myself enough to try, and to know when I need a break, when I need to take care of ME.

Some days are harder than others but I hope that next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed or forget how wonderful you truly are that you look to these tips to help remind you!

Until next time,


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