Comparison, an evil thief

I caught myself feeling envious the other day. Well let me be real, i catch myself being envious and comparing myself almost everyday.

But anyways, I was watching someone’s Instagram story and instantly started to compare myself. “I’m not as far in wedding planning as they are” “I’m not working out as much as they are”, “I don’t have as many followers as her” and then I stopped, left Instagram and really evaluated what I was doing. I was so mad at myself for not being greatfuk at what I have. Who I am and where I am on MY journey.

Comparison is an evil thief and it hits you without warning and it makes you feel like what you have and who you are isn’t good enough. It steals every bit of happiness away from you and holds no regard to the life it’s destroying. But I have news for you, only you can let comparison be a thief.

In today’s world we live behind screens, we experience life behind a screen and use our fingers to type out our life to make it more appealing to others. We use our photos to instigate jealousy and we let others photos bring us pain and make us feel inadequate.

We live in a world where young men and women are constantly comparing themselves to what they see on TV, or social media, because it is understood that to be successful means other people are envious of you.

Your chapter 3 can’t be compared to someone else’s chapter 9. We are all at different stages I life. We are all going through different things because we are all DIFFERENT people.

To compare yourself to someone else’s journey is a disjustice to your own success, to YOUR journey!

Some days I find myself loathing others on my Instagram for their accomplishments instead of congratulating them on them. Instead of encouraging the women around me and even the men around me that are doing beautiful things with their lives I get SO wrapped up in comparing myself to others that I forget to look at my own accomplishments.

Like I said, comparing my chapter 3 to someone else’s chapter 6 is the easiest way to forget how far I’ve truly become and how GRATEFUL I am for my accomplishments.

I’m not saying that every day I get on Instagram or social media and fight the urge to compare myself to others. It is inevitable to compare ourselves to others, we are humans and it is our nature. But I am saying that everyday I truly put every ounce of my focus into remembering and highlighting the beauty in my life. Highlighting how much I’ve accomplished and comparing myself to that.

The only person we should compare ourselves to IS ourselves. How can you be kinder than you were yesterday? How can you uplift someone around you? How can you better yourself more so than yesterday? And how can you create a life that you’re in love with?

So, next time you’re scrolling through Instagram or twitter or whatever platform you’re using, and you start to feel less than, remember you are MORE THAN your Instagram likes, followers, etc., you are MORE THAN the comparison that you are allowing to win. The beauty in your life is the one you create.

Until next time,


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