Seasons of Change

The leaves are changing, the clocks are changing, the weather is changing and like most, change can scare us, but this year as I pass all the trees and watch them change to different colors every day.

I welcome this new season of change, and I welcome what comes next. I used to fear change, hate it almost, but now I embrace it.

Looking back every season of change has led me to learn something more about myself and the world around me. So this time, I welcome the change. I am ready for it.

I never thought I would reach the point in my life where change was something that I welcomed, or something that I looked forward to. But here we are.

When I was younger change meant that things would be different, no duh right? But it meant more to me than just something different. It meant that the normalcy that I had created and the comfort that surrounded me would be gone, it would be replaced with a foreign world and things that I had to learn to adapt to would be shifted and that freaked me out. I didn’t know how to handle that and that, in turn, would lead me into panic and anxiety like never before. I mean seriously, ask anyone who is close to me, I did not handle change well, and some times I still don’t.

But I’m learning that beyond the beginning struggles of a new change, is beauty. I’m learning that once I just let the change happen, ride that wave, and figure out what’s in store on the other side, it’s not so bad. Now granted all change is not beautiful and joyful at first, but I can promise you that all change is necessary and that you can FIND beauty in change.

So, I challenge you to be like the leaves. Look at the leaves and how they change, so effortlessly into their next season, they embrace what’s to come next, and they celebrate it with vibrant colors. They trust that He knows what is to come and that even thought once they fall to the Earth, it may be cold, there will be beauty in that transition. So, be like the leaves and welcome the change, welcome the new season with open eyes and an open heart and trust in the new beginning.

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