The Budget Basics

I will link as many of the services that we used. 

The morning after Andrew proposed I was in full-blown wedding planning mode. I was on Pinterest 24/7 and the questions were literally never ending, but one question that lingered the longest was, “What is our budget?”

Since before Andrew even proposed I knew that I did not want our wedding to be extravagant, or over the top, and I certainly did NOT want to spend thousands of dollars on just one day of our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about people that chose that route for their wedding planning, but for me, that just is not my jam. I’m a girl who enjoys a bargain when I find a sale my insides fill with joy, so for me keeping our wedding budget friendly and finding ways to cut costs was exciting to me.

From the start, we knew the inevitable high costs were going to be the venue and the caterer, but after that, we had to narrow down what was MOST important to us and what we could do without. So I thought the best way to break it down budget friendly would be to highlight the main costs of our wedding, as well as what we found the most important to us.

First off,

The most tedious part about wedding planning is the research, I believe that the more research you do the more things you find, the smaller companies that arise and the more likely you are to find ways to save your money. Research can be boring and aggravating but the research we did, and the amount of time I spent on Pinterest, is the main reason we were able to keep our wedding budget friendly.

With that being said, we had to really figure out where we were going to spend the majority of our money by determining what was most important to us.


To me, photos and having a great photographer was the most important thing to me for our wedding. We are going to have these pictures for the rest of our lives and I want them to be memorable. We were very blessed with a good friend of mine who is a wonderful photographer who was willing to shoot our wedding for us. So she and her husband cleared their calendars and made sure they were able to capture our special day. The best thing about Time and Natalie and their photography business is not only are they reasonably priced but you get amazing photos, I mean seriously phenomenal. Having a photographer that also saw our vision and stood in the rain with us to make it happen and that we were comfortable around was a major bonus!

Check out their stuff here: Tim and Natalie Photography


Next, we knew that we wanted to find a venue that could cater our guest amount while allowing us to have free creative and vendor range. I searched for months on a venue and found a small startup venue about 20 minutes from our home that was run by a lovely couple, Eddie and Cindy. Eddie built the venue by himself and turned it into a boho rustic dream at the Foothills of the mountains called Mountain View Farm Event Barn. When I first saw this venue I knew it was worth the money.


On to catering, this is going to be the most costly part of almost any wedding, in my opinion. Therefore, my tip is to go with a food that you and your future husband enjoy, but something that will not break the bank. We found a reputable local caterer who was willing to fix any menu that we wanted. My husband and I are huge foodies but we wanted to make sure that the catering did not go over our budget because in the end, “The only food people remember is the bad food”. So as long as your caterer is quality then finding ways to save money in that department is a HUGE saving! (Side note: we were so busy during the reception that we didn’t even have time to eat the food, so just keep that in mind haha).

The Dress 

The dress is usually another top 5 biggest expense. I was also very low maintenance when it came to my dress. I knew exactly the style I wanted and I knew that I did not want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress for one day, so fortunately with me, that made this process a little easier. I found a dress that I LOVED and by the grace of God is was well within my budget. I do think that you should never compromise your confidence in a dress with how much it costs, but I am also a firm believer that it is a dress that will only be worn once ( and if you’re like me and wanted photos in a field then your dress is going to get DIRTY!).

Our wedding wasn’t traditional in the sense that we did not have vendors for every aspect of our wedding. If you are trying to have a budget-friendly wedding the best advice I can give you is shop small business.

I LOVE supporting small business, one because I feel like the heart of the creator is truly in their work, and I, myself am a small business so I just think it’s beneficial and fun to work with other small shops and utilize those talents around you!

For instance, our good friend Jamie, of Collectively Jamie, designed our weddinging invitations for us as a wedding gift.

A good friend, Kelsey,  from high school, was our videographer.

My mom made our wedding cake (she use to be a wedding director and wedding cake creator).

Our friend Ashley did all the signage for the wedding.

And my mom and I picked out all the wedding decor (Hobby Lobby 50% OFF Y’all) and I designed the tablescapes and then when the day came my friend Kerri, who works with a wedding planner, helped tie all the decor together.

There are a lot of other little details that our wedding had that made everything so special but I think working with small businesses, USE ALL THE COUPONS, do your research, and being mindful of where your money is going is the key to making sure your wedding stays budget friendly. Don’t overspend on things that no one is going to remember, invest your money in the things that will hold memories and value to you for more than just that one day.

The list of help we had and the friends that dedicated their time and talents into making our wedding perfect is endless. We are forever thankful and blessed for those we dedicated their time, talents, and services to us to make our day beautiful and budget-friendly. 

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