Our Invitations

Growing up I was not a girl that had her wedding planned out on a dream board, I had no idea what kind of dress I would wear, or even what flavor of cake I would want, but then I met Andrew and all that changed. When I met Andrew I started to visualize what I would want in a wedding, I started to see my future with him and I started to get excited to plan a wedding.

Growing up I have always gotten very stressed very easily. I tend to over analyze everything, and I am the QUEEN of indecision so the thought of planning wedding struck the stress cord very hard. The only thing I knew when I started to plan our wedding was that I KNEW I wanted Andrew to be my husband and I knew that I wanted our wedding to be something low maintenance, family oriented, simple yet elegant, and a little bohemian to reflect my heritage. That’s really all I knew, I had nothing else planned no other thoughts or ideas. Hard to believe, I know.

Now, you’re probably wondering why all that preliminary information matters when it comes to wedding invitations, but it does. I had no idea what kind of wedding invitation I wanted and once I finally figured it out and my patient and talented friend at Collectively Jamie sent me proofs, I had completely changed my invitation vision and she had to start from scratch with 2 days to spare…. yes, I know, I’m the type of person I despise haha.

But after many FaceTime calls, lots of screenshots and a BUTTLOAD of patience, I have the simple, elegant, bohemian invites of my DREAMS!

Here is an overview of the entire invitation, details card, and everything else below.

Collectively Jamie is a good friend of Andrew and I’s but she is also an amazing graphic designer and does beautiful calligraphy so I knew I wanted to incorporate both of her strengths into our invitations.

Once I figured out the design I wanted for the invitation I knew that I wanted it to be simplistic but yet elegant, and I KNEW for certain that I wanted our names to be done in calligraphy. I sent Jamie some ideas of invitations I found on Pinterest and I sent her our colors and together with some tweaking, we came up with this!




The Details

Our detail cards are just like they sound, details of the wedding, hotel accommodations, etc. But I didn’t want it to be just a white piece of cardboard so I had Jamie carry over some watercolored eucalypts leaves to add some color and design, and because we will be using eucalypts at our wedding as our main form of greenery.


The Reply Cards

I LOVE the colors we have picked out for our wedding, so I knew I wanted more of those colors on our reply card and Jamie did a beautiful job of carrying the floral design from the invitation monogram over to a larger scale on the Reply cards. The coolest part of our reply cards to me is that they are actually postcards, so on the reverse side is our address and a stamp and all the guest has to do is fill it out and stick it back in the mail.

Our wedding is VERY budget friendly and simple so making the reply card a postcard is not only cost efficient but it’s also convenient.


The Outsides

I ordered our envelopes from Amazon, here, and these are seriously the best quality envelopes I have ever felt. They are heavy duty, elegant and they have strips to seal the envelope so you don’t have to lick 100 envelopes and get way too many paper cuts, if that is not a selling point on any envelope then I don’t know what is!


And since the black ink doesn’t show up on burgundy envelopes well I went with the blush with gold trim envelopes and added these cute stickers in the color of one of the flowers in our main monogram of the invitation to tie everything all together!




Last but not least, if you are currently planning a wedding, or are a wedding planner, this next thing is a MUST HAVE for invitations. Andrew and I sent out about 80 invitations and just thinking about having to address them were already giving me carpal tunnel, and then I remembered I had to write our return address on them too! Therefore, the thought of writing our names and address over 80 times made me mad, so I found this amazing little stamp from a shop on Etsy and it was a LIFESAVER!

This little stamp is customizable and since Andrew and I don’t share a last name yet, I just got our first names and address on the stamp and it looks beautiful on our invitations, it makes sure the addressing and writing are consistent and it saves your hand from cramping a ton! Definitely, a must have for all brides!

Our wedding invitations were all printed from moo.com and the quality of their paper, the packaging that all the pieces came in and the price are phenomenal. Jamie at Collectively Jamie picked out all the paper and sizes for me and I could not be more pleased with how high quality it is!

If you can’t tell I am so in love with our invitations!

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