DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

When I wanted to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids I knew immediately the ladies I wanted standing to me on my big day but I also knew that I wanted the way that I asked each of them to be special, creative, and personalized, and I knew that only way to get that would be to make their boxes myself!

I found plain wooden boxes at Hobby Lobby and stained them with some wood stain we had left over from when we stained our pallet furniture. I bought some mason jars from literally anywhere and filled them with the girl’s favorite candy, I got each of them a bath bomb, a coffee mug (because we know I love coffee), a bath bomb and then strung pictures of me and each girl inside the box! This bridesmaid proposal is super easy, super personalized, affordable and a lot of fun to make!

Side note: these pictures are not the greatest quality because when I was making them I was so excited to show them to the girls that I forgot to take high res pictures.




A lot of the things I linked were bought at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s,  but I did my best to find links to each of them! Also, remember if you’re shopping at Hobby Lobby (which I did for most of these boxes since they are DIY) make sure you ALWAYS use their 40% off coupon you can find online!

  1. Rae Dunn Bridesmaids Coffee Cup
  2. Wooden Box
  3. Bath Bombs
  4. Spanish Moss
  5. Mason Jars
  6. The stain is a wood stain from Lowes in the color “Coastal Grey”
  7. Miniature rope and clothespins (they were from the Target dollar section and unfortunately I can’t find a link)

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