Bride To Be Gift Guide

When we started our registry overwhelming was an understatement, you walk into these places and they give you a scanning gun and sometimes you can run free and sometimes you have someone helping you pick things out, but even then it’s still a lot to take in. During the time from when we started our registry to when our wedding day came, I deleted and added at least 50 things from our registry because it was just so overwhelming and I felt like I changed my mind 100 times on things we needed and things we didn’t.

Not only that but trying to buy a wedding gift for someone is even harder than making a registry, so don’t worry sisters, I hear your stress cries and I’m here to help!

I’ve made this gift guide to be a little life raft when it comes to registering for a wedding and then buying gifts for the Newlyweds!

From our experience, I’ve listed the things that Andrew and I received or put on our registry that was the most practical/unique things we received.

With that being said, every bride is different and every couple is different in what they need in their first home together, so this guide is just a fun little way to come up with some unique gift ideas and maybe to help Brides to Be add something they didn’t already have on their registry!

But before that I created a short list of tips before Brides to Be register:

  1. Fine China is not a necessity, unless you plan on hosting elegant dinner parties a nice set of dishes will be perfectly fine!
  2. Don’t stray away from unconventional gifts, sure the essentials are key, but if you want to put a waffle maker or espresso machine on your registry you put it on there, sister!
  3. Expensive items on a registry is not always a bad thing, a lot of guests will chip in and buy couples a joint gift if it’s something they know the couple really wants.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add a lot of items to your registry of all price ranges! This gives your guests options on what to buy you and doesn’t limit them to a certain price range!
  5. Spend the time in a store with your fiancé! Having the experience of running around the store and scanning all the items you want in your first home is a lot of fun and a GREAT date night idea!

ninja             mugs  mixer

pans   bakign dish      grinder

bowls nespressocutting board.jpeg

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