Our Wedding Decor

We got our wedding photos back a few weeks ago and I have been DYING over them! Our wedding was everything I could have dreamed of and then some, but one of my favorite details of our wedding was our decor.

All of our decor, table setting, centerpieces, signage, ceremony decor was all made by me, my mom, bridesmaids, family friends, etc. We hardly bought anything brand new!

Planning our wedding I had the idea and vision in my head of how I wanted the tablescapes and decor and feel of everything to be like so I figured the best way to get it that way was to create it myself!

One of the best parts of doing your wedding decor and tablescapes on your own is that you can shop for the best budget! I am totally guessing here but all of our decor and decorations probably cost us less than $300 total thanks to borrowing from family, Goodwill for rustic pieces, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree ( Y’all their fake flowers are legit), and AMAZON! I know some people like to buy everything brand new and have someone else do the decorations but I’m a creative person by nature and knowing that our wedding decor was all DIY and gifts from family made it that more meaningful.

But enough with that, on to the pictures!

First off, we will start with the ceremony decor!



A close up of the chandelier a few days before the wedding and before the rest of the jewels were hung on it

The chandelier hanging was a wedding gift from a family friend. I knew I wanted an antique chandelier not only for the wedding but to hang in our future home and our family friend Sarah actually refurbishes old antique chandeliers and made us a custom one as a gift. BUT if you don’t have someone that does that Goodwill or thrift stores are your best friend to find old chandeliers!

Wedding-90Wedding-87Wedding-88The lanterns were provided by our venue but I know Hobby Lobby carries similar ones. The swag that was hanging on the mantel was actually borrowed from my sister-in-law’s wedding and I added our burgundy Dollar Tree flowers into it to make it match our wedding colors! Also, our white poinsettias were a gift from a family friend who owns a greenhouse so she gave us these to decorate with!

Wedding-63The cross was built by my dad for our wedding and now it sits on our porch, and it was truly one of my favorite pieces that I will treasure every day.

Second, our reception decor!

Wedding-14Wedding-16Wedding-137The centerpieces of eucalyptus garland were purchased from Hobby Lobby, but I only bought them when their greenery was 50% off because it made each strand only $10! So make sure you shop on the discount weeks and KEEP your receipts (I was able to return unused ones after the wedding)!

As for the flowers, believe it or not, all of our fake flowers were bought from the DOLLAR TREE! If you’re into real greenery and flowers that’s totally fine but our wedding was in December and I knew no one would care about real flowers vs. fake so ya girl saved A LOT of money by using the good old Dollar Tree!  We planned on plucking all the flowers off their stems anyway to stick throughout the garland so spending more than a $1 on them was crazy too me! I was able to furnish the entire wedding with flowers for less than $30!

Wedding-134The menu sign was made from a mirror that we had in our home from when my Maw-Maw lived in it and so loving the rustic gold look I took it off the wall and made Ashley write on it to make it our menu!


Wedding-102Wedding-81I could not be MORE in love with how our tablescapes and placements turned out! A lot of the pieces were thrifted from Goodwill but I will link as much as I can. I spent a good year searching for Brass candlesticks and most of them were gifted to me by my mother-in-law and the rest my mom and I found at Goodwill!

My best suggestion is to search your local thrift stores weekly to collect vintage pieces, I ended up scoring an extra 10 candlesticks for only $1.99- $3.99 each, you just have to be dedicated to the hunt!

Our dinner placement setups were ALL from Amazon! We were lucky enough to be able to use unopened cutlery from my sister-in-law’s wedding but they were also from Amazon so I will be sure to link those!

Third, Our Signage!

All of the signs for our wedding were done by two of my amazing friends!

This sign was next to our Sweetheart table and was done by our sweet friend Jamie at Collectively Jamie.

Wedding-127.jpgThe wood sign was from Hobby Lobby

And then the signs for our dinner, candy bar, memory table, gift table, the hangers I had for my bridesmaid’s dresses, and our “order of events” (which I decided I wanted on an old pallet board) was all done by one of my best friends Ashley Lightfoot! Y’all this girl KILLED the signage game, and spent 4 hours one afternoon helping me knock it all out (and by we I mean that I was just moral support)!


Wedding-128Candy is a HUGE thing for Andrew and I like we really love it, so we wanted our guests to know how much we love it too! That’s why we made our gift to our guests a candy bar with our favorite candies by our favorite brand! We really love the brand Albanese, and we were blessed to have a friend gift us the candy for our wedding BUT you can purchase bulk pricing for their candy here for an amazing price! The candy containers are from Hobby Lobby and Ashley (as always) wrote on a chalkboard sign for us! We also found the perfect size candy bags off Amazon.

Wedding-139This card box is actually the Socker terrarium from Ikea that I spray painted gold and had Ashley write on with a chalk marker. And the eucalyptus leaves inside are from Ikea also!


Having a memory table at our ceremony was a big must for Andrew and me to remember all of our loved ones that couldn’t be with us on our special day. Once I printed the 5×7 photos I just went to the Dollar Tree and picked out different gold frames! Super easy and inexpensive but still classy! And Ashley just wrote on a piece of printer paper what I wanted next to the table and I stuck it in a frame I had around the house!

Wedding-105Wedding-104These two signs were provided by our wedding venue but Hobby Lobby has similar ones! 


IMG_9910The wooden hangers are the BUMERANG hangers from Ikea and I just had Ashley write on them and then this board she wrote on is from Hobby Lobby and it was for the unity braid that we did! 

IMG-7747We found an old pallet board at the Fire and Rescue College (my dad teachers there so we had access to the pallets) and made sure it was dried out and Ashley (again) wrote on it for me to display the order of events! You can find old pallet boards almost anywhere and this is such a unique and INEXPENSIVE way to display your wedding events! To be honest, handing out papers with the events on it is great but most of the time they just get thrown away and it’s a waste of paper and money so this is a really unique, cheap and rustic way to do it!

Wedding-103 I found this M shaped book at Books-a-Million and since the spine of the book was burgundy I just had to paint the face of it gold to match our colors. I love this guest book because now it sits on our entryway table as a decoration and when we have guests or family come and stay they can continue to sign it for years to come. And this project cost me less than $20 to make our own unique guestbook!

Everything about our wedding was straight from my dreams and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who helped decorate and contribute to making it the wedding of my dreams.

Although a lot of our wedding decor was gifted and thrifted the best advice I can give a bride to be, especially one on a budget is don’t be afraid to use your resources. Using thrifted items for your wedding is not cheap, it’s vintage and memorable. Being able to look back and see the hard work that went into handmaking our decorations and having pieces that family and friends BUILT for us makes these pieces and photos all that more special.

P.S. The Dollar Tree is your best friend!

Until next time,



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